M.Arch Research and Case Studies

Manifesto of Future Praxis

This manifesto intends to look at the future of architecture. Presenting its growing importance as a means of cultural identity preservation in the modern era. The views presented seek to outline the cultural benefits of incorporating historically informed and vernacular design/materiality in future development of the built environment. It shall incorporate my own personal opinions supported by academic studies, literature and historical examples, within and beyond the architectural field. Presented as a series of biblically stylised principles addressed to the built environment, informed by psychological, economic, cultural, political, religious and environmental factors.

Project Management Case Study

In this case study, I encountered a scenario where a bat roost was identified on a school construction site. Leveraging my knowledge of regulations and laws pertaining to environmental protection and construction, I proposed a range of potential solutions to address the issue and enable the project to proceed smoothly. By carefully considering the legal requirements and the ecological significance of the bat roost, my recommendations aimed to strike a balance between project advancement and preserving the natural habitat of these protected creatures.

Reflective Journal

This Journal Consists of two parts

Speculative Drawing: Enrichment & Cultural Hybridisation Speculative Model: Deconstructed Composite Identity

In this journal, I document my journey of exploration of traditional and classical architecture, employing an array of diverse media and engaging in speculative visual experiments. Through this immersive process, I delve into the essence of architectural heritage, inspecting its intricacies and timeless beauty. Each entry serves as a window into my creative endeavors, capturing the essence artistic exploration into the rich tapestry of architectural history.

Low Carbon Visual Comfort Case Study

In this case study I plan the design and construction phase of a multi-floored office building in the centre of Bristol to achieve exemplary performance credits for daylighting in accordance with BREEAM Hea 01 – Visual Comfort.