Art 8 - 1920

The topic behind this work was multi-culturalism. In this I looked at different ways that cultures conceal their faces. This is the main image of myself wearing sunglasses representing a Western way of facial cover. The reflection in the lens of the sunglasses is of my great aunt from Iran. She is wearing a head scarf reflecting her culture.

Art 5 - 1920

One of my own personal pieces of work drawn in oil pastel. This piece looks at urban youth culture and how face concealment using hoodies hides people’s identity.

Art 22 - 1920

This is a drawing from life using pen and a strong cross-hatching technique.

Art 26 - 1920

Another drawing from life using pencil I looked more at shadow and how it falls. A good example in this picture would the curved shadow of the pencil onto the hand.

Art 29 - 1920

This is a transcription of Wayne Thiebaud’s etching “Van”. Using pen and coloured pencils.

Art 31 - 1920

This self portrait was drawn using oil pastels. In this picture I experimented with different perspective angles. The legs coming forwards and the larger foot creating a much more three dimensional feel to the picture. Also using accentuated colours and interesting application techniques of the colours.

Art 30 - 1920

This picture was drawn using coloured pencils from a number of gathered third party photographs; roots, tree, girl, background, paradise and head flowers, humming bird and plant leafs. I combined them to form this picture.


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