Year 3: Project 1 - Gatehouse at the River Thames, North Bank London


For my 3rd year project the first objective was to design a gate house situated somewhere related to the North Bank in London. The project must interact in some way with the features of the stretch of the river between Southwark Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge.


My project started off by observing works of art by Giovanni Antonio Canal where he painted the Thames his paintings gave the impression that the meanders of the river were dramatic. When taking photographs of the river and seeing it in real life it was clear that the depiction shown in the photo was exaggerated with Giovanni using his artistic licence. From this point the objective of my project was set.


I was to find a way in which I could give the appearance of exaggerated curvature in the river using a view created by a gatehouse. My research started with making a scale model of the river and viewing it from different angles.  After this failed to produce the desired result, I then created a lenses revolver and the results were promising. It appeared that the lenses with a smaller field of view (telephoto) resulted in the appearance of exaggerated curve in the river on the model.


The next objective was how to translate these observations into an architectural design. The solution was to generate a field of view using the relation created between two thresholds with slits.


The aforementioned thresholds translate into the openings at each end of my gatehouse design.
The field of view was not the only way my design attempted to incorporate itself into the context of the north bank. The addition of the colonnade continuing on from the existing columns on the neoclassical architecture on site and archway base both attempt to follow the rhythm and give the project purpose in its context.

Year 2: 2016 – 2061, A ‘Living’ Vision for the Future (Part 1)

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