Portraiture as one of my stronger art topics that I am more confident in.

Art 7 - 1920

This is a self-portrait done from life using a mirror. Focussing more on shape and the lines in a face rather than shading and tone.

Art 6 - 1920

This transcription of a third party photo in pencil. One of the first images I had a chance to fully appreciate the intricacy of how light catches hair.

Art 24 - 1920

Another transcription of a third party photo in colour pencil. In this image I learned how to blend pencil colours to blend skin tones and also emphasising where the light catches the front of the face to improve the 3D qualities of the image.

Art 28 - 1920

This 2nd self-portrait was done from a photograph using pencil. I tried to use gradation to perfect the scale of the image. This was made easier by drawing on a larger scale (60cm x 40cm).


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