A number of projects were carried out exploring different printing techniques including screen printing, etching and ???.

Art 2 - 1920

This print was taken from a live drawing and consists of 2 screen printed layers on top of each other.

Art 23a - 1920

Art 23b - 1920

Art 23c - 1920

A live drawing was made of a fellow art student and then etched into a Perspex sheet. I then did 2 prints experimenting with warm and cold colours. I also had to work on the rolling equipment so that the amount of ink transferred to the page was just right.

Another live drawing focused more on a closer scale. I drew a section of a circuit board. I then etched this into a Perspex sheet. First printing in black and white and the in colour.

Art 3 - 1920

Art 4 - 1920


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