Year 2: Part 1 [Living in Pods]


The brief given in this project was rather open. Essentially we were to identify a problem that we thought would arise between now and the year 2061 and then create an architectural solution for this problem. The issue I chose to tackle was the issues related with increased population density in cities. After research the solution I came up with was the concept of pod living quarters.


Initially the idea was to take the idea of pod hotels as seen in Japan, and make them a more viable long term accommodation solution. This idea evolved in micro transaction architecture where a person would buy a pot that would bolt on the side of an existing structure and then, using a universal docking system add additional pods to the base pod as and when they would need/afford them e.g. bolting on a study or artist studio.


This system of universal docking system also brought with it social possibilities such as a more nomadic lifestyle allowing relocation of a persons home as simple as unplugging and plugging in somewhere else perhaps to move closer to their new job. Couples could also bolt together their single bedroom pods to make a larger base which could be expanded to accommodate a family.

Year 2: 2016 – 2061, A ‘Living’ Vision for the Future (Part 2)

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